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Frida By Organ Cactus Fence,  1938
Nickolas Muray
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Also let’s campaign to end the general patronising of young people, especially children because children have fantastic, honest, open and creative minds and you stifle that when you patronise them and refuse to listen. Big time.

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I can not stand being patronised when i’m talking bout shit i know better than some stuffy old people - like I appreciate you think your life and experience makes you the holy grail but i have actually personally grown up in these times so I think my opinion is kinda more relevant if we’re talking about people of my generation and pls just can we stop this idea that if you’re young you don’t know shit cos it’s just ultra patronising and condescending and infuriating

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Am gonna go on a one man charity shop trip around birm tomorrow to look for gifts and clothes and paintings and things for when i eventually move house and hopefully some cute bedding and I’m sort of looking forwards to mooching about on my own with music and without the need for conversation. 

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I wanna be big and round and never apologize for taking up space again.

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Tumblr has taught me a lot - I think before this I would have considered myself an open, tolerant/accepting person but so much of your behaviour, language and so on can be subtly (and sometimes overwhelmingly) oppressive or upsetting or stigmatising without you even realising and I am thankful for tumblr showing me the problematic aspects of things I used to enjoy ‘cos sometimes it really does take a different perspective to show you the fault in your/others’ ways. 

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