19, body positive, very left
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i can’t stop eating, also can’t start caring i wanna smoke and light candles and talk shit about nothing and someone needs to dye my hair, i’ll draw you something crap/paint your nails (poorly) in return

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Mark Bulwinkle, House
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the black swan (detail), miami, florida, 1990
© luis castañeda [website], from leica: witness to a century
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also the condom split this morning and i couldn’t find any chemists open because fucking easter

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am weeping a bit because D left again and it always feels horrible and lonely and pointless without him here to cuddle me and stroke me and make me feel important

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We’re cat sitting for a neighbour this weekend… my boyfriend’s staying this weekend… and I have a really big moral do I don’t I about using their free house to fuck in…

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bought this mud, shea butter and almond oil face mask thing (palmers) and it has made my skin feel amazing, I would 100% recommend and it was only £2 something so affordable too! 

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Eartha Kitt

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talking sex drinking schnapps with a j

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